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To unlock the skills, strategies & tools you need to help children learn relaxation, regulation, and coping techniques?

Skills for Big Feelings is a complete social-emotional program to help children learn to manage their emotions more effectively

Do any of these scenarios hit home?

....You know you want to offer more social-emotional learning in your work with kids but you are overwhelmed, too busy, or have no idea where to begin.

...You don’t have the time or energy to plan and design your own comprehensive social-emotional learning curriculum.

...You’d like to increase communication with families and teach them how to support the social-emotional well-being of their kids at home.


How would you feel if...

  • The kids you worked with used strategies to cope with their emotions and behaviors more effectively?

  • You did not have to scramble and spend so much time prepping, planning and documenting?

  • You could easily communicate to families how they can support social-emotional learning at home?

Surveys for children and families

A data collection tool



​A comprehensive guide for teaching children relaxation, regulation, and coping techniques

Here's How Skills for Big Feelings is

Different From Other Books. You'll Get:

A complete 12-week guide for successfully teaching relaxation, regulation, and coping techniques to children

Handouts for families to help them extend and support social-emotional learning at home

A comprehensive 28-page reproducible coloring workbook for children that includes over 46 child-friendly stretches, breathing techniques, and relaxation skills

You Will Learn How To

Implement engaging, creative, developmentally appropriate, and relationship-driven sessions so that you can help children enhance their social-emotional skills by teaching them how to:

  • identify and accept feelings

  • acknowledge triggers

  • learn and implement over 38 coping skills

  • change unhelpful thoughts into helpful thoughts

  • measure challenges

  • accept mistakes

  • identify supports

  • develop an internal locus of control

  • apply the Feeling-Breath-Thought-Skill framework

  • utilize skills such as visualization, mindfulness, gratitude and positive self-talk


.. and so much more 

Cute Notebooks

Check Out What's Inside

A 12-week facilitators guide for teaching relaxation, regulation, and coping techniques to children

These sessions have been used successfully by teachers and counselors alike. This is my tried-and-true method of teaching kids how to cope with their big feelings. This will save you tons of time because it’s all completely laid out for you! I’ve used these skills to help kids in individual, small group, and whole classroom settings with great success. I’ve included time-saving outlines and sample scripts for you of all 12 sessions. 

Sixteen trauma-informed guided relaxations scripts

These Mindful Moments are the perfect way to start and end each session and were written using trauma-informed invitational language.

Twelve handouts for families to extend and support social-emotional learning at home

This will help you engage families so they can reinforce the concepts at home. Topics covered include naming and accepting feelings, triggers, changing thoughts, measuring challenges, flexibility, visualization, media, attentional bias, positive self-talk, mistakes, perfectionism, mindfulness, control, gratitude, sleep, movement, nutrition, caregiver mindset, and self-care.

Surveys for children and families

These surveys will help you collect data, and measure the impact of from both child and parent perspectives.

A data collection tool

This will help you evaluate your children’s progress and to reassess the program to see what type of changes you could make to improve your outcomes.

Implementation tips and best practices for conducting social-emotional activities

You’ll receive helpful time-saving tips that will ensure a successful facilitation with suggestions for structuring the sessions, outlines, opening and closing practices, rules, workbook tips, and working with children in various settings including small groups and whole classrooms.

A 28-page reproducible coloring workbook for children

This includes over 45 child-friendly, breathing techniques, stretches, and relaxation skills! With skills like Unicorn Breath and Snowman Stress Melter Breath, your kids will be engaged in the content because the learning is FUN!

Parent Letters

Communication with parents and families is vital. Editable sample letters for beginning and ending the 12 sessions are included.

Treatment plan and IEP objective templates with examples

You’ll get twenty-two objectives that are directly related to the content covered in the sessions. These will save you time because they are written to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-limited (S.M.A.R.T.) - exactly what insurance companies and special education teams are looking for.


These visuals will help you meet the need of a variety of learners. You will receive a Visual Schedule, Self-Scan Poster, Agreements Poster, Feelings Brainstorm Poster, The Triangle Poster, and a Measuring Challenges Poster.

Bonus Offer

To make this program even easier for you to implement in a variety of settings (virtual or in-person), I am also offering this BONUS BUNDLE* for a limited time

  • Twelve Digital Workbooks

  • Sixteen Guided Relaxation MP3s

  • Twelve Handouts for Families

  • Two Editable Parent Letters, Child and Parent Surveys and a Data Collection Tool

  • Twenty-Eight Page Coloring Workbook

  • Guidelines for Breaking Down Content into a Daily Monday-Friday Schedule

  • Presentation Slides for Screen Sharing on Virtual Platforms or for In-Person Use on Smartboards 

  • Forty-Five Full Page Color Printable Posters

*Bonuses are in PDF, MP3, Google Documents™ and Google Slides™ format

Click Through to Learn More About the Bonus Offer


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  • eBook PDF version of Skills for Big Feelings

Paperback Book

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  • Paperback version of Skills for Big Feelings

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eBook plus Bonus Bundle

Price: $24.99

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  • eBook version of Skills for Big Feelings (value $14.99)


  • Digital Workbook (value $24.99)


  • 16 Guided Relaxation MP3’s (value $14.99)


  • 12 Family Handouts (value $11.99)


  • 28-Page Coloring Workbook (value $9.99)


  • Slide Presentation (value $19.99)


  • Printable Poster Pack (Value $19.99)


  • Editable parent letters, surveys and data collection (value $9.99) 


  • Guidelines for M-F  schedule (value $4.99)

Paperback plus Bonus Bundle

Price: $34.99 + S&H

(Total value = $141)



  • Paperback version of Skills for Big Feelings (value $24.99)


  • Digital Workbook (value $24.99)


  • 16 Guided Relaxation MP3’s (value $14.99)


  • 12 Family Handouts (value $11.99)


  • 28-Page Coloring Workbook (value $9.99)


  • Slide Presentation (value $19.99)


  • Printable Poster Pack (Value $19.99)


  • Editable parent letters, surveys and data collection (value $9.99) 


  • Guidelines for M-F  schedule (value $4.99)

Have We Met Yet?

...But I want to be real with you here... Eight years ago I found myself on the brink of burn-out. I never felt like I could catch up. I was constantly running around my school “putting out fires.” This reactive counseling style was not sustainable and it was fueled by a mistake I made early on in my career. When a child had a problem, I would swoop in and try to be the amazing counselor who was able to calm down and de-escalate the child. The issue was that I became their coping skill. This was problematic because it was not empowering to the child at all.

Then I made a conscious change. I shifted my focus from a reactive style to a more preventative approach. This way I could help empower all children by teaching them these important social-emotional skills. In 2013 I began the early stages of developing Skills for Big Feelings as a way to offer preventative, tier-one mental health support for my

I’m Casey. I’m a Mom, a School Adjustment Counselor, an educator, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist, a Registered Nurse... and a busy person! Whew!

students. And it was with that pivot in approach when I began to start loving my career again.  I’ve refined this program over the years and it has since been used by myself, other counselors, and teachers in small groups, whole classroom, and individual settings. I know this program helps kids and I am so thrilled to share it with you today!

Not Sure if Skills for Big Feelings is Right For You?

This is for You if:

  • You work with kids aged 6-12 in some capacity (as an educator, mental health professional etc.)

  • You work with some kids who need help developing emotional regulation, relaxation and coping skills

  • You want to help kids learn how to accept and cope with their feelings more effectively

  • You want to save time on planning and prepping sessions

  • You want a program that is structured and all laid out for you, or one that can also be used flexibly

This is not for You if:

  • You only work with very young children, older teens and adults

  • You don’t think social emotional learning is valuable

  • You don’t believe in the power of preventative mental health and wellness programs for children

  • You don’t subscribe to the basic tenants of cognitive behavioral therapy

Here’s why you need to get started with Skills for Big Feelings today...


You have the option to get the limited-time-only BONUS bundle (valued at $106)


With the current state of the world, social-emotional-learning is more important now than ever before for our children.


Research demonstrates that social-emotional-learning has NUMEROUS benefits. Just check out these two meta-analysis from CASEL (2011 and 2017) to see what I mean!

You have questions. I've got answers,

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