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The Whole Child Counseling Affiliate Program is open to all mental health professionals, educators, educational brands, and influencers who are passionate about helping children and other educators!

Do you want to help other mental health professionals and educators?

I am on a mission to help more kids by getting my resources into the offices and classrooms of as many mental health professionals and educators as possible... 


What is the Whole Child Counseling Affiliate Program?

  • The Whole Child Counseling Affiliate Program is for any mental health professional or educator who has a passion for helping kids and other mental health professionals and educators.

  • As a Whole Child Counseling Affiliate, you will receive a unique tracking link to promote my resources on websites, blogs, email, and social media, etc. Your unique link will track when someone makes a purchase and that commission will be applied to your account.

  • You will earn 20% for each successful payment from your unique affiliate link.

  • Whole Child Counseling has a 90-day limit on cookies. This means that someone may use your link today, but not purchase until 12 weeks from now, and you will still receive credit for that sale!

  • Once accepted, you will be provided with some promotional graphics and copy.  You will also gain access to the affiliate portal upon acceptance into the program.

  • You have absolutely NO FINANCIAL COMMITMENT as a member of the Whole Child Counseling Affiliate Program.

What Products Earn Commission
and How Do Payouts Work?

  • Right now, affiliates are eligible to receive a commission from anything in the shop. In the future, we will consider adding more resources for affiliates.

  • Whole Child Counseling affiliates earn 20% commission on each successful payment received from customers referred using the unique affiliate link assigned upon acceptance into the program. This means that affiliates are eligible to receive up to $19.39 for a paperback growing bundle sold!

  • Affiliate payouts are scheduled on the 15th of each month, with no minimum payout requirement. This means that if you earned $2.50, you will receive $2.50 that month.

  • Within your affiliate dashboard, you will have access to each product that you are eligible to promote, as well as the ability to track sales, commissions, and payouts.

Ready to apply?

Still have questions?

Start earning in 3 easy steps:

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Whole Child Counseling Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Brand Partner Agreement Terms and Conditions Please read carefully. By filling out the application to become a member of the Whole Child Counseling Affiliate Program, you are agreeing to the following terms & conditions. This is a legal contract between you and Whole Child Counseling detailing the brand partnership agreement. Whole Child Counseling reserves the right to update and/or change these terms at any time, without notice. Violation of any of the terms & conditions will result in the termination of your membership in the Whole Child Counseling Affiliate Program, and therefore forfeit any outstanding commissions earned during the violation. PARTNERSHIP The affiliate is joining the Whole Child Counseling Affiliate Program as an independent contractor, not as an employee of Whole Child Counseling. NON-EXCLUSIVITY TERMS The relationship between the affiliate and Whole Child Counseling is not an exclusive relationship. Both parties have the right to share similar products & services of third party entities. Whole Child Counseling has the right to work with unlimited affiliates, and the affiliate has the right to promote any other businesses & products. OTHER TERMS - Affiliates must be 18 years or older. - Affiliates must provide true, legal information within the application and affiliate portal and dashboard. - All payment is made exclusively through PayPal. Affiliates must provide a valid PayPal address for payment. This will not be shared with any outside parties. - Affiliates must not share affiliate portal login with any other party. - Affiliates may promote Whole Child Counseling resources & programs by sharing their unique tracking link on websites, blogs, email, social media, etc. - Affiliates will earn 20% for each successful payment completed through their unique link. - Affiliates will have access to an affiliate dashboard to track sales, commissions, & payouts. ACCEPTANCE INTO THE PROGRAM Potential affiliates must complete the application form via the link provided by Whole Child Counseling. Applications will be reviewed and potential affiliates will be notified within 4 weeks. Upon application acceptance, the affiliate will receive an email with further instructions about how to create his or her affiliate account, as well as guidelines about what to expect & the password to the Whole Child Counseling’s Affiliate Portal. Both parties maintain the right to terminate participation in the Whole Child Counseling Affiliate Program at any time. AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS Affiliates are eligible for 20% commissions on all products located within their affiliate dashboard. Whole Child Counseling reserves the right to suspend and disqualify payments earned through questionable sales methods and/or illegal activity. - No minimum amounts are required for payout. - Affiliate commission payouts are scheduled for the 15th of each month. In the case that the 15th falls on a holiday or weekend, payouts will be scheduled for the following business day. - Payouts are void if the purchaser cancels or requests a refund within a 90-day time period. - Commission rates are subject to change without notice. - Affiliate links have a 90 day cookie applied for eligible product commissions. - Affiliates are responsible for withholding taxes from their commission payouts. PROMOTION Affiliates may use their unique tracking link in any promotional material designed by Whole Child Counseling and shared within the affiliate portal, or by themselves or their business, including virtual assistants. Affiliates may not claim to be an owner or employee of Whole Child Counseling or create any outside community using the likeness of Whole Child Counseling or any trademarked or copyrighted resource names being promoted. Affiliates using promotional materials created by Whole Child Counseling may not display assets in any way that portrays Whole Child Counseling negatively. Promotional materials supplied in the Whole Child Counseling affiliate portal are the property of Casey O‘Brien Martin and the Whole Child Counseling brand. Affiliates may not alter, crop, delete, or edit in any way the original content shared within the Whole Child Counseling affiliate portal. Affiliates are allowed to create promotional materials, as long as they reflect the character of Whole Child Counseling as a brand, including respect, kindness, without profanity, illegal connotations, or nudity. Affiliates must disclose their relationship with Whole Child Counseling as a brand partnership by informing potential customers that affiliate links are being shared. NON-SPAM POLICY We are committed to promoting Whole Child Counseling’s resources in a way that respects and values others. This Non-Spam Policy outlines our expectations regarding our affiliates' promotional activities and our zero-tolerance stance on spam. DEFINITION OF SPAM For the purposes of this policy, "spam" refers to unsolicited, bulk or indiscriminate messages, typically sent for a commercial purpose. Spam includes, but is not limited to: Email messages sent to recipients who have not consented to receive communications from our affiliates. Unsolicited messages posted on social media platforms, forums, or other online spaces. Bulk posts or comments on facebook groups or in other online communities. Bulk messages that contain misleading or false information regarding our resources or affiliate program. GUIDELINES FOR ACCEPTABLE PROMOTION As an affiliate, you are required to adhere to the following guidelines to ensure that all promotional activities are conducted responsibly and legally: Consent is Key: Only send promotional emails or messages to individuals who have explicitly agreed to receive such communications. Always include a clear and straightforward way for recipients to opt-out of future messages. Value and Relevance: Ensure that your promotional messages provide value to the recipient and are relevant to their interests. Tailor your messages to suit the preferences of your audience. Transparency and Honesty: Clearly disclose your affiliate relationship with Whole Child Counseling in your communications. You can say something like “I love Skills for Big Feelings so much because it’s had such a positive impact on my kids, and so I became an affiliate. Just let me know if you want my affiliate link and I’ll be happy to send it over.” Compliance with Laws and Facebook Group Rules: Familiarize yourself with and adhere to applicable online community group rules, such as Facebook groups. Some may not allow affiliate links. Follow all laws and regulations regarding spam and electronic communications in your jurisdiction and the jurisdictions of your recipients. Consequences of Violating the Non-Spam Policy Violations of this Non-Spam Policy will not be tolerated and may result in immediate termination of your affiliate agreement, forfeiture of any accrued commissions, and potential legal action. We reserve the right to monitor affiliate activities for compliance and to investigate any complaints or reports of unsolicited or spammy communications. DISCLAIMER Whole Child Counseling and Casey O‘Brien Martin are not responsible for any commissions not earned based on interruptions or errors in the operation of or the affiliate software used.

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