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Pure Wow: 8 Free Therapy Resources to Try If You Can’t Afford to See Someone

Skills for Big Feelings Book Reviews


Jennifer Lee Quattrucci of Mommy Teacher Fashionista

Teach Without Tears Skills for Big Feelings Book Feature and Review

Jennifer Lee Quattrucci author of Educate the Heart, and Mommy Teacher Fashionista featured a Skills for Big Feelings Book Review

Tried and True Teaching Tools: Helping Students Navigate Tough Times Book Review by Kathie Yonemura

The Indie Express: Skills for Big Feelings Book Review

Texas Book Nook: Skills for Big Feelings Book Review

On a Reading Bender: Skills for Big Feelings Book Review

The Therapist's Bookshelf: Skills for Big Feelings Book Review

Novel News Network: Skills for Big Feelings Book Review

The Corner on Character: Building Skills for Big Feelings Book Review

Midwest Book Review: "There's no other workbook quite like it on the market, making Skills for Big Feelings a winning holistic approach backed by solid pediatric references and studies that prove these strategies actually work."

Austin Family Counseling: Skills for Big Feelings book recommendation of the month

Stephanie from The Social Worker's Bookshelf said: "Wow Whole Child Counseling knocked this one out of the park!!  I am a sucker for group workbooks that have everything you ever need to run a group all set up for you in a beautiful package. I have been using sections of this for individual sessions when teaching feelings but I cannot wait to start a group with this workbook in hand."

Monique Beglinger, The Mindful Psychologist said Skills for Big Feelings "is comprehensive and I'm running a group next term where I'll definitely be utilising activities from here."

Kylie the Creative Social Worker said "This book blew me away 🤩. It is a collection of 12 lessons designed to help students cope with feelings, manage anxiety, and more! Casey does a phenomenal job including everything you could possibly need from engaging lessons and professional guidance, to family resources. Each session builds off of each other and includes an outline, complete with weekly coping strategies. Trust me when I say this book (intended for ages 6-12) should be part of every elementary social worker/counselor’s toolbox.

Rachel from Bright Futures Counseling said "This book is AWESOME because: 💜 It has a step by step outline for counselors to implement  💜 It has tangible skills kids can practice to relax and self-regulate 💜 It includes resources for the family."

Austin Family Counseling

Screen Shot 2021-07-03 at 12.18.43 AM.png

Sara from The Primary Pal said "I truly can't recommend this book enough for anyone who works with children. The book is well written and gave me the feel of Casey being right by my side, like I was getting to have a conversation with her in which she was imparting her knowledge onto me! I snapped a few photos of pages from the book so you can get a sense of how it's written and what's included. If you work with any child who needs support with managing big feelings (don't we all at some point need help with this?!) this is a great one to add to your teacher toolbox!"

Allie Szczecinski, Miss Behavior, and author of Roaring Mad Riley wrote "I’ll be the first to say that I am super picky about emotion/coping skills focused workbooks, and I can also truly say that this is a GOOD ONE. So many helpful ideas for kids across the grade and ability span. Definitely worth checking out!"

The Therapist Parent, featured Skills for Big Feelings in her post on managing anxiety. She writes "Casey O’Brien has also written a fantastic book with some real practical ideas for help children learn relaxation and coping skills. Casey’s book is an incredible resource for teachers, school counsellors, and therapists as it has a 12-week program with handouts and reproducible workbooks for kids. However, this don’t mean that it wouldn’t be helpful for parents. The book easily explains ways to bring relaxation techniques into everyday life."


Loren Mosback, author of many great books including, Transforming Anxiety: Building Resilience & Confidence (Super Skill Series) wrote "You guys…I just came across an SEL goldmine! 🌈 📔 Check out this activities guide book and social-emotional learning curriculum, called: Skills For Big Feelings — that shares an abundance of relaxation, self regulation, and emotional coping techniques for kids!

This book can be used individually, in small groups, or with the whole classroom by teachers, counselors, and other mental health professionals. I am so in love with this resource that will be used a ton at my counseling practice. There is also a digital version of the book and share your screen…Boom! I know you’ll enjoy this resource as much as I do!"

Vlogger Lauren from @socialworkscrapbook said: "Name a social worker that isn’t obsessed with applicable therapy books...I’ll wait! @wholechildcounseling released an awesome book that is perfect for emotional regulation, mindfulness and coping skills!  The session plans are amazing, and I love that it includes family resource pages! Make sure you check it out!"  Be sure to check out Lauren's awesome YouTube Channel and website.

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