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Comprehensive Social-Emotional Learning Resources

Paperback GROWING BUNDLE: Super Ultimate Skills for Big Feelings, Bonus Bundle + All The Games and Supplements!

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The paperback edition of this is available in the United States only.

This is THE SUPER ULTIMATE Skills for Big Feelings Growing Bundle! Get it today as the price of this Growing Bundle will increase when more supplemental resources are added in the future! When you buy today for this price, you will get free updates as new resources are added!

Current Resources Included in this Bundle:

  • Skills for Big Feelings: A Guide for Teaching Kids Relaxation, Regulation, and Coping Techniques Paperback Edition: 184 page social-emotional learning curriculum written and illustrated by Casey O'Brien Martin, LMHC, REAT, RN
  • Coping Skills Craftivities eBook: 221 pages of 40 coping skills arts and crafts projects!
  • 12 Digital Interactive Workbooks: You'll get 150 total pages on Google Slides™, including 71 interactive pages with MP3s to listen to, drag and drop, and typing activities. 36 pages have relaxation coping skills to practice, ideal for use in-between sessions to reinforce the skills or to use with distance, remote, or hybrid learning. These workbooks are best for children to use independently when they can read, type, and use a mouse. Otherwise, they may be shared by the facilitator through a screen-share. Each workbook now comes with videos of all the skills!
  • 16 Guided Relaxation MP3s: Calming trauma-informed Mindful Moments recorded by a professional voice-over artist.
  • Editable Documents: Easily customizable resources suitable for a wide variety of settings, including two family letters, surveys for children and families, and a data collection tool.
  • 45 Presentation Slides: These full-color slides of the skills and visuals are perfect for screen sharing on virtual platforms or to use in-person on smartboards.
  • 28-Page Coloring Workbook: A fun workbook in a printable format, ideal for helping kids relax, destress, and enjoy long after they finish the program.
  • Monday - Friday Schedule: A 7-page document with practical guidelines for breaking down and implementing the content into a daily Monday-Friday schedule, so you can save time and always stay organized.
  • 12 PDF Handouts for Families: 33 pages of handouts, which can be easily printed or emailed to families to help extend and support social-emotional learning at home. Topics covered include naming and accepting feelings, identifying triggers, changing thoughts, measuring challenges, flexibility, visualization, media, attentional bias, positive self-talk, mistakes, perfectionism, mindfulness, control, gratitude, sleep, movement, nutrition, mindset, and self-care.
  • Printable Poster Pack: 45 pages of full-color printable posters, corresponding with the skills and visuals. These are great to hang in your classroom, use in your calming corner, or hold up.
  • Frog's Pond Game: digital and printable board game covers the material in Sessions 1-3 of Skills for Big Feelings
  • Back to the Nest Game: digital and printable board game covers the material in Sessions 4-6 of Skills for Big Feelings
  • Finding Flowers Game: digital and printable board game covers the material in Sessions 7-9 of Skills for Big Feelings
  • Puddle Jumpers Game: digital and printable board game covers the material in Sessions 10-12 of Skills for Big Feelings
  • Feelings Identification Film Digital Game: aligned to session 1
  • Jolly Jellybean Helpful Thought Hunt Digital Game: aligned to session 3
  • Butterfly Thought Changer: Changing Unhelpful Thoughts Digital Game aligned to session 4
  • Argh You Ready to Measure Challenges? Pirate Digital Game: aligned to session 5
  • Bella Bird's Equal Measurements Problem Solving Digital Game: aligned to session 6
  • 2 Coping Skills Bingo Games in both color and black and white versions - includes 70 unique Bingo Cards, Letters, Calling Cards, and Markers: games are aligned to sessions 1-7 and sessions 7-12
  • 9 Coping Dice: 6 coping skills picture dice in color and black and white versions, and 3 structured coping skills choice dice in color and black and white versions, as well as a craft for kids to create their own dice with their top 6 favorite stress-relieving skills: Each dice set is aligned to 2 sessions, so the set covers all 12 sessions
  • Coping Skills Cards in full-color and black and white versions perfect to color: aligned to sessions 1-12
  • Spinner Coping Wheels: 6 Coping Wheels with 29 different cover options and a craft for kids to create their own dice with their top 6 favorite stress-relieving skills: aligned to sessions 1-12
  • 6 Coping Skills Mazes in color and black and white options: aligned to sessions 1-12
  • 5 Fortune Tellers Origami Crafts: aligned to sessions 1-12
  • Gumball Gratitude Game: a digital and printable game that helps kids choose grateful thoughts in disappointing situations. Aligned to session 11 in Skills for Big Feelings and includes a printable game board, 60 printable cards, a digital game with 30 scenarios, a visual for playing a game, and gratitude worksheets.
  • Donut Worry About Making Mistakes Game: a digital and printable game that is aligned to session 10 and comes with 30 printable cards, a printable board game, playing a game poster, and a digital Google Slides game to help kids develop a growth mindset and choose helpful thoughts when they make a mistake.
  • And more resources will be added in the future at no additional cost to you if you purchase today!

Do you want to discover a powerful all-in-one program for helping kids manage their anxiety, regulate their emotions, and cope with their feelings? Then this book is for you!

Inside this heartfelt, comprehensive curriculum, you’ll join School Adjustment Counselor and Licensed Mental Health Counselor Casey O'Brien Martin as she reveals a powerful, practical framework to help children cope with their feelings, overcome stress, and learn to thrive.

Built on a selection of cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindful breathing exercises, and mindfulness, as well as engaging activities including stretching, gratitude, visualization and positive self-talk, Skills for Big Feelings seeks to empower kids to embrace their emotional growth over the course of a comprehensive 12-week plan.

With over a dozen activities including accepting mistakes, identifying support systems, acknowledging triggers, and much more, this complete guide provides educators and professionals alike with a detailed, objective-based framework for promoting optimal social-emotional health.

Book Details:

  • A Complete 12-Week Guide Designed For Teaching Relaxation, Regulation, and Coping Techniques To Children Aged 6-12
  • Practical Tools and Advice For Clinicians and Educators, Including S.M.A.R.T. Treatment Plan and IEP Objectives, Handouts for Families to Extend the Learning at Home, Letters, and Surveys
  • A Reproducible 28-Page Coloring Workbook To Promote Stretches, Mindful Breathing Techniques, and Relaxation Skills
  • 16 Trauma-Informed Guided Relaxation Scripts For Helping Kids Destress
  • Tips and Tricks To Help You Implement These Lessons Individually, In Small Groups, and Whole Classrooms
  • And a Wealth of Engaging Social-Emotional Activities Including Identifying and Accepting Feelings, Dealing With Unhelpful Thoughts, and More!

Casey has personally seen this program deliver huge results for hundreds of different students. Arming children with the tools and knowledge they need to cope with their feelings and learn coping mechanisms is an essential part of their development into emotionally-healthy adults. Using the Feeling-Breath-Thought-Skill framework, Skills for Big Feelings equips kids with these vital techniques and shows them how to thrive.

Ready to dive into this incredible program? Then scroll up and grab your copy today!

*Books will be sent through media mail in the United States. Worldwide options available through other retailers.

We want you to be fully satisfied! Returns accepted for paperback only within 30 days of purchase. Buyer pays return shipping (digital products are not-returnable.)

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