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Comprehensive Social-Emotional Learning Resources

Skills for Big Feelings Coping Skills Craftivities eBook

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Have you noticed the kids you work with sometimes have trouble REMEMBERING the coping skills you’ve taught them?

This eBook will give you easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions to create 40 different coping skills arts and craft projects! These hands-on arts and craftivities are the perfect way to help kids learn, practice, and remember the coping skills taught in Skills for Big Feelings: A Guide for Teaching Kids Relaxation, Regulation, and Coping Techniques by Casey O’Brien Martin.

This resource is a companion to the Skills for Big Feelings curriculum, but the crafts can also be used as a stand-alone project or intervention! You’ll get written instructions for each of the coping skills to print and send home! These crafts are perfect for small group, individual counseling, or whole classroom lessons!

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This 221-page eBook gives you everything you need to teach important social-emotional learning skills in a fun, hands-on, engaging, and creative way. Best of all, these craftivities can be created using basic art and school supplies! The book includes a variety of different projects including 3-D art projects, guided drawing activities, mobiles, mini-books, breathing boards, flipbooks, and more! Please watch the preview video to check it out! Music by
The emotion-focused coping skills in this eBook are cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) inspired coping skill interventions including various mindful breathing techniques, cognitive strategies, self-massages, and body-based skills such as progressive muscle relaxations, and stretches. This is a great way to reinforce coping strategies in a fun way through project-based art activities.
In this eBook, you’ll have step-by-step instructions to create ALL of these coping skills craft activities!
⭐ Flying Bird Craftivity
⭐ Smell the Flower Craftivity
⭐ Frog Mouth Craftivity
⭐ Sun and Sand Craftivity
⭐ Gorilla Hug Craftivity
⭐ Snowman Stress Melter Breath Craftivity
⭐ Snail Shell Craftivity
⭐ Flat Tire Craftivity
⭐ Helpful Happy Thoughts Craftivity
⭐ Fly Away, Ladybug Craftivity
⭐ Buddy Breath Craftivity
⭐ Elephant Ears Craftivity
⭐ Measuring Challenges Craftivity
⭐ Ski Jumper Craftivity
⭐ Balloon Breath Craftivity
⭐ Equal Measurements Scale Craftivity
⭐ Orange Squeeze Stress Balls Craftivity
⭐ Equal Breathing Puzzle Craftivity
⭐ Hand Massage Dough Craftivity
⭐ Bumble Bee Breath Craftivity
⭐ Door Squeeze Craftivity
⭐ Unicorn Breath Craftivity
⭐ Ice Cream Twist Craftivity
⭐ Finger Aerobics Mini-Book Craftivity
⭐ Counting for Calm Breathing Board Craftivity
⭐ Sandy Toes Craftivity
⭐ High-Five Breath Craftivity
⭐ Strong Tree Blowing Craftivity
⭐ Tap Tap Squeeze Craftivity
⭐ Flip Flop Nostril Breath Craftivity
⭐ Letting Go Craftivity
⭐ Shake, Wiggle, Shake Craftivity
⭐ Starfish Breath Craftivity
⭐ Steel to Jelly Foldable Craftivity
⭐ Finger Lock Robot Craftivity
⭐ Cell Phone Breath Craftivity
⭐ Grounding Flipbook Craftivity
⭐ Sunny Breathing Mobile Craftivity
⭐ Feeling-Breath-Thought-Skill (F-B-T-S) Rocket Craftivity
⭐ The CBT Triangle Pizza Craftivity

There are numerous benefits of doing art-based projects with kids including working on:
→ Being okay with making mistakes
→ Measuring challenges and equal measurements
→ Frustration tolerance and in-the-moment coping skills practice
→ Bilateral coordination
→ Fine motor skills
→ Hand-eye coordination
→ Problem-solving and decision-making skills
→ Creative thinking skills
→ Flexible thinking skills
→ Listening and following directions
→ Executive functioning skills such as paying attention, planning, organizing, and switching focus

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