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Amazon Prime Day 2022 Counselor and Teacher Social Emotional Learning SEL Top Deals

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Amazon Prime Day 2022 begins on Tuesday July 12, 2022 at 3:00 AM EST and ends on

Wednesday July 13.

I've got my cart stocked up and I wanted to share my top social emotional learning prime deals with you today! I'll be sharing my top sensory and tactile based toys, creative intervention and art-based kits, therapeutic games or games with a therapeutic twist, storytelling create a story card sets and a classroom/school-wide deal.

I think that you'll find these deals are great for school counselors, mental health counselors, social workers, psychologists, teachers, parents, and more!

Sensory and Tactile Based Amazon Prime Deals

Kinetic Sand I actually keep my therapeutic sand play stocked with kinetic sand. I find it so therapeutic. It is an investment but if you take care of it, it will last!

Water Beads I always keep these in stock in my office. This kit comes with 50,000 and a little goes a long way (I use about a teaspoon for a week.)

Slimy Sand Kids seem to love anything to do with slime and I think this slimy sand will be a hit! This stuff stretches and expands, is watermelon scented, and sculpts like sand.

Elmer's Slime Kit It's true, in my office I always keep materials like glue and activator (and ziplock bags to send it home) on hand to make slime. This kit comes with everything you need to make lots of slime!

Winter Sensory Kit I love offering different sensory kits in my office and I loved seeing that this one was so affordable.

Creative Intervention and Art-Based Amazon Prime Deals

Mr Sketch Scented Markers Both myself and my students love these! They last forever and since scent is connected to the limbic system in the brain, taking these out often elicits a lot of memories and conversations with the kids.

I also wrote about how I use these scented markers for my "smell the flower/blow the candle" craft from Skills for Big Feelings in this blog post. You can pick up this craft for free as a bonus when you scroll to the top of this page and subscribe to my SEL library!

Watercolor Crayons I love watercolor pencils and crayons because it's a great way to work with kids on flexible thinking, locus of control, letting go, and accepting mistakes. They are also a novel concept so most kids get excited about using them!

Magnetic Tile Art: This set comes with 12 magnetic tiles. I think it would be great to use as a counseling intervention to have the kids create a piece of art with a positive affirmation or meaningful quote.

Empower Poster Craft Kit I think this would be an awesome self-esteem group intervention. The group can work together to create an empowering poster with inspirational words. Then the poster can be displayed when you are running the group.

Personal Spaces Sticker and Chill Sets There are a few different Sticker and Chill Sets on sale for prime day, which include 600+ repositionable clings. I thought this Personal Spaces Set would be great for creating a safe, calming atmosphere that can later be recalled and used in a guided visualization. I like this because it's almost like a reusable collage. This would be great for someone who is injured or doesn't like to draw or paint.

Crayola 120 Colored Pencil Set These are great for older kids and teens. My kids love doing mandala art and coloring pages with these.

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets Mega Pack This comes with 12 pets and 1 tub but I love that these are reusable! I think it could be a great metaphor in counseling. The kids could decorate and color in the animals with whatever words, feelings, phrases they are feeling that day, and them do a guided relaxation, letting all the words, thoughts, and feelings of the day melt away in the water, as they watch them wash off their pet.

Spirograph I keep a spirograph in my office. It is retro and fun enough that the kids are fascinated with it! It's a good way to teach frustration tolerance (as they learn), growth mindset, and work on helpful thoughts. Once they create their designs, they can use the colored pencils to color them in and focus on mindfulness and being in the present moment.

Games with a Therapeutic Twist 2022 Prime Deals

Lion in My Way Problem Solving Game Problem solving is one of the important social emotional skills that I work on, so I am excited to check out this imaginative problem solving game!

Big Feelings Pineapple - I actually found this toy last year when doing a search for my book! It's similar to Mr. Potato Head with a focus on feelings! I love it and so do my kids!

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Cards to teach your first and second graders to handle their feelings, manage conflict, and make mriends - These social emotional scenario flash cards

Sensory Matching Game So many kids love memory games that I have a few versions in my office. I like that this one is a textured, sensory version.

Sloth in a Hurry is an easy to play improv game. I have taken some drama therapy courses, and have learned that there are so many therapeutic benefits of improv, so I am looking forward to playing this one!

Train of Thought Conversations Starters Game I do a lot of social skills work, so I am always looking for engaging conversation starters!

I Heard Your Feelings Conversation Starter Flash Cards I have this set in my office and I like it's focus on reading emotional situations.

iCalm Galaxy Tantrum Resolution Game I don't have this game set (yet) but it has great reviews and looks cool!

What's Going on Here Social Conversation Flash Cards for Kids I am a fan of eeBoo and am excited to check out this game of social and logical inference

Feelings and Choices Flip Book This book looks adorable and I think the youngest kids will love the monster theme! I like how it stands up on its own so would be helpful for naming feelings in the present moment too.

See My Feelings Mirror I love using mirrors for not only self-awareness, but also social-awareness when working on feelings. I just used a dollar store mirror but I am going to upgrade to this one that shows emotions that the kids can mimic.

Storytelling Create a Story Card Sets 2022 Prime Deal

I love Narrative Therapy and have found storytelling to be so healing and therapeutic. I love these Create a Story Card sets so here are a few I wanted to share!

Schoolwide or Classroom 2022 Prime Deals

Crayola Colors of the World Colored Pencils Bulk Set Representation is so important and I love that Crayola put out these sets.



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