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Resources for Talking to Children About Racism

Updated: Aug 31

This book, Something Happened in Our Town: a Child's Story About Racial Injustice is a great starting place to have a conversation with your children.

Helpful Links

Are Your Kids Too Young to Talk About Race? 

George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor - What Do We Tell Our Children?

How to Talk to Kids About Race, Privilege Amid George Floyd Protests

Table Talk: Family Conversations about Current Events Your Kids Aren't Too Young to Talk about Race: Resource Roundup

Skin Shades Social Story Talking to Kids About Protesting: 5 Things I Want My Kids to Know

Social Justice Resources

Image below from the Children's Community School

Click this the picture below which brings you to a BLM Reading Room. Then when you click on each resource in the picture it brings you to video resource!

Helping Your Child Cope with Media Coverage of Community Racial Trauma: Tips for Parents from the Disaster and Community Crisis Center, University of Missouri

I will continue to add helpful resources to this page as I find them. Please share any useful resources you may have with me on instagram or facebook.


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