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Activities and Videos to Teach Flexible Thinking Skills and Dealing with Change

Updated: Apr 2

Are you looking for activities, and video clips to teach kids how to be more flexible thinkers? I've gathered these videos just for you! And if you’re looking for books on being a flexible thinker, be sure to check out this blog post!

In these videos, you'll find read-alouds, songs, and inspirational and motivational stories about flexible thinking.

Please PREVIEW each of these videos before using them with kids! Given the nature of the internet, some of these links may not work, or may change. Some videos may be more appropriate for different ages.

The first video is one that I made for you! Check it out here:

Flexible Thinking Videos for Young Kids

Sesame Street: Grover and Zachary Quinto are Flexible: Grover and Zachary Quinto talk about what the word flexible means (to change or bend easily) and give examples of how to change your mind or plan to be a flexible thinker. Sesame Street videos are always so well done. They also give tangible object examples of “flexible” with straws and a hose. 

Sesame Street: Nicole Kidman and Oscar the Grouch Show Stubborn In this short, funny video, Oscar wants to do what he wants to do and he is unwilling to change his mind. Together Nicole Kidman and Oscar the Grouch learn about the word of the day: stubborn.

Super Grover is such a fun character for flexible thinking! Because he observes, investigates, and shows up. In this video, at a beauty parlor a cow gets stuck and Super Grover uses flexible thinking to help her out!

Sesame Street: Super Grover Helps a Duck to a Party | Super Grover 2.0 The little ducky wants to go to a party but didn't realize it was across the stream. She doesn't want to get her fancy party shoes messed up, so Super Grover helps her solve the problem! Watch the video and see if you can come up with some more solutions.

Songs About Being Flexible

Sesame Street: Ernie Change The Plan Song is a short video (1:26) with a fun song that Ernie sings about changing the plan with lyrics such as, "You've got to change change change the plan. Be flexible, it's respectable. Find another way, a different game to play. Be versatile."

Thumpalina (Funny Don't Give Up Song For Kids) - Music Video by I Have a Go This is a cute, catchy song about a ballet dancing kangaroo! It would be fun to have the kids watch this and then draw, write, or tell a story about an animal doing an unlikely job or hobby. 

Kids learn to be flexible thinkers by thinking like a palm tree who sways in the wind when a storm comes. I love how this song talks about making mistakes. It's a perfect addition to play after reading the book A Little Spot of Flexible Thinking by Diane Alber.

The Yo Dazzlers - You Can't Always Get What You Want - Yo Gabba Gabba! This is a fun, upbeat song about handling disappointment because you can't always get what you want.

Short Animated Videos about Being a Flexible Thinker

Being Flexible in Play Social Story by Beyond Words Speech and Language is is a short (1:14) social story video in the first person that talks about a child who wants to play their own way, and not wanting to do what their friends want to do.

Solving Problems - Building Resilience with Hunter and Eve This is a 3:09 animated video where Hunter is faced with a problem because of all the rain, he can't safely cross the creek to get to school safely. In this video, Hunter learns three steps to solve problems.

SEL- Flexible Thinking by Autism Behavior Services, Inc. shows kids playing a Pokemon card game, and when someone asks to join in a game, and the answer is no, they aren't very flexible. This video shows us how we should be flexible even when we hear the word no.

Fun Videos About Flexible Thinking and Handling Disappointment

This 3:34 video is super inspiring. It has kids giving pep talks. I love this one! It is a great one to learn about handling disappointment

In this funny home video, a bulldog can't fit bone through door. Watch how the dog uses flexible thinking to solve this problem! Can you think of some other ways he could have gotten it through?

Flexible Thinking Videos for Older Kids

Flexibility: Your Superpower For Success | Intel Essential Skills Ep04 by Year in the Making This is a short video (1:30) which shows the difference between flexible and rigidity by looking at cooked and uncooked spaghetti. This video talks about flexible thinking as a superpower and"If you don't want to break, you've got to bend"

Flexible Thinking Island - teens by Whole Kids In this island you'll learn how to be calm when things don't go your way, how to get along with others when they think differently, and how to adapt to change. This video defines flexible thinking and gives examples that are relatable to kids.

More Flexible Thinking Videos

Flexible Thinking Ninja Storytime with the Author by Ninja Life Hacks. I love this story and this is a read aloud by the author! If you're looking for more flexible thinking books, be sure to check out this blog post here.

Flexible Thinking: Unstick Your Stuck Self by Marie Weller @ Cranium Kids Media in this short video (3:56) the woman faces a detour in the road and she uses her flexible thinking to "unstick her stuck self."

Flexible Thinking Activities

If you're looking for flexible thinking social skills activities to go with these videos, then this fun bundle to work on cognitive flexibility is for you! This is a great bundle if your kids need some help with dealing with change, going with the flow, being adaptable, creativity, problem-solving, coping with adversity, and handling disappointment.

Students will learn what flexible and stuck thinking is by reading a social story, playing games, reading, writing, and doing other engaging activities while practicing their cognitive shifting skills! 

All Sets Includes: ✨

✔ S.M.A.R.T. IEP and Treatment Plan Objectives for Easy Goal Writing!

✔ Editable Letter to Families About the Topic

✔ Data Collection Sheet 

✔ Suggested Companion Resources

✔ Ideas to Extend and Practice the Concept 

✔ Resources Come in Digital, Print, Color, and Black and White

✔ "I Can" Learning Statements Poster

✔ Playing a Game Visual Poster

✔ Positive Notes Home

✔ Game Board with Spinner, Pawns, and Dice in a Digital and Printable Version

✔ 45 Flexible Thinking Scenario Cards with a Digital and Printable Version

✔ Stuck and Flexible Thinking Sorting Mats

✔ Dice with Reflection Questions 

✔ 12 Page Social Story Booklet in Digital and Printable Formats

✔ 24 Flexible Thinking Prompt Cards for Discussion and Reflection

✔ Board Game with Spinners, Pawns, and Dice (Digital and Print)

✔ 34 Flexible Thinking Worksheets and Coloring Pages

✔ Story with Reflection Questions

✔ Writing Response

✔ Graphic Organizers

✔ Cut and Paste Worksheet

✔ Quotes for Discussion Prompts

✔ 6 Page Perspective Taking Skills Flipbook

✔ Was I Showing Flexible Thinking Today? Self-Reflection Worksheet

You can get them all at a discount in this Social Skills Treasury Growing Bundle or the Flexible Thinking Bundle.

Free Printable Flexible Thinking Activities

If you're looking for a sample, check out these free flexible thinking activities including a positive note home, discussion dice, and a bingo board with some flexible thinking ideas to try! All you have to do is subscribe to my free SEL resource library at the top of this page or here. Once you opt-in, you'll get on my email list and unlock my SEL resource library! I suggest using a personal email, rather than a work email. If you don't get the automatic email check your promo/spam folders.

Do you have more favorite videos to show flexible thinking, stuck thinking, handling disappointment, and adapting to change? Let me know here!



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