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Coronavirus Resources for Kids, Parents and Educators

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Caring for You and Your Family's Stress

Since stress weakens the immune system, I want to share some resources for stress relief. You can help your children by modeling for your family how to use healthy coping skills and self-care strategies when faced with a crisis. CHOC Children's has some great guided imagery available. Check out this list of apps I put together that are good for anxiety and stress relief. SAMHSA also offers this resource with tips for Coping With Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks. NAMI has also put out a comprehensive Resource and Information Guide which includes helplines, support groups and other mental health supports to help you cope.

Shine has teamed up with Mental Health America to offer this great well-being toolkit that includes articles, meditations, access to mental health experts, anxiety screenings, and more through Virus Anxiety.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) also published an article, Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Face of Uncertainty, with great tips outlining how to "separate what is in your control from what is not, do what helps you feel a sense of safety, get outside in nature–even if you are avoiding crowds, challenge yourself to stay in the present and stay connected and reach out if you need more support."

Anxiety Canada also has My Anxiety Plan (MAP) available for children/adolescents and adults for free online. This is a 10 hour course based on CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), which is considered an evidence-based treatment for anxiety.

I will be carving out time daily to practice Yoga with Adriene with this Yoga for Uncertain Times playlist that includes 34 free practice videos.

I've also put together this resource on helping kids cope in uncertain times.

Mindful Counselor Molly has also shared this amazing resource with 21 mindfulness exercises for home on google slides that you can download for free here!

If you are looking to create a routine and structure during the week for your child, as a way to reduce stress during school closures, be sure to check out the schedule I created for my own children with tips on How to Plan Your Kid's Schedules During School Closures.

I've also created a free visual schedule that you can print and use at home. A visual schedule is a picture plan that shows the different parts of your child’s day. It is very helpful for children so they can keep a routine and know what to expect, which can also help reduce anxiety.

Resources for Kids

NPR has published this awesome comic for kids about the coronavirus by Malaka Gharib. There is also a free pocket-sized folding printable zine version as well. Directions for folding are available here. A Chinese language version is also available.

Brainpop has a great video with facts and some lessons on the Coronavirus. Sharing facts is helpful to reduce some of the anxiety so children don't have misinformation.

Author, Julia Cook, has written a book that was illustrated by children called The Yucky Bug which you can view here. She also has some handouts and poster companions which are available through Teachers Pay Teachers for free.

But Why: A Podcast for Kids, which is released by Vermont Public Radio, has an episode about 30 minutes long on Coronavirus for Kids and the Science of Soap where they speak with infectious disease doctor Krutika Kuppalli, who studies global pandemics and chemistry professor Palli Thordarson about hand washing.

St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital has put together this amazing FREE printable coloring book for kid's to learn about the coronavirus.

I have put together this FREE printable resource of over 120 fun, simple and creative activities for your kids to do while they are home.