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Activities and Videos to Teach Kids About Kindness, Caring, and Inclusion

favorite videos about kindness

Are you looking for activities, and video clips to teach kids about kindness, caring, friendship, and inclusion? I've gathered these videos just for you! And if you’re looking for books on being kind and caring to others, be sure to check out this blog post!

In these videos you'll find read alouds, songs, and inspirational and motivational stories about kindness and caring.

Please PREVIEW each of these videos before using them with kids! Given the nature of the internet, some of these links may not work, or may change. Some videos may be more appropriate for different ages.

Read below to learn about grabbing this free kindness bingo game!

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Videos About Spreading Kindness

videos to teach kids about kindness caring and inclusion

Kid President + Glad to Give present How Good Spreads Kid President is one of my favorites and I love this video about how good spreads: "If someone needs lifting, you send them a rope. your little whispers of love send out huge gusts of hope." This inspiring video is about showing up in the world and spreading hope and good, including doing a socktober drive.

  • What is caring? - Parkway Schools Kids from St. Louis Parkway School discuss examples of what they think what it means to be kind and caring and what an impact this can have on the future and on the whole world.

  • Build Character Build Success: KINDNESS & CARING by Build Character Build Success breaks down what it means to do a good deed for other people, animals or the environment. It gives examples of what it means to be kind and caring. Examples of picking up trash, helping a friend by giving them a push on the swingset, The video asks the viewer to reflect on how they can practice kindness and caring in their school and communities.

  • Why Be Kind? - 3 See Films This video discusses some reasons of WHY you should be kind and what might happen if you’re not kind. You don’t know where people are coming from so it’s important to be nice. The point it made that kindness is always possible and this video shows kids discussing what kindness means to them. In this video, the kids talk about respect, being nice, generous, and caring.

Short Animated Videos About Kindness

animated videos about kindness and caring
  • Color Your World With Kindness - BetterWorldians Foundation This is a very cute, short animated video without any words about making the world a kinder place by doing things like sharing, being honest, helping the elderly, or someone who is sad, It would be a good quick video to start generating ideas for being kind.

  • When Nobody’s Watching by Klick is an animated short set in the COVID years showcasing a woman who does random acts of kindness to those who need it, starting with delivering groceries, but also giving a dog a biscuit and a homeless person her coat. While this is happening, children in the homes above begin to notice her kindness. They arrange all sorts of Christmas decorations around her home, as an act of kindness to her. This video is a prime example of kindness and charity, the woman is giving to those who need it, and the children are giving back to the woman by decorating her home. A nice animation displaying kindness in our daily lives.

Read Aloud Books About Kindness and Caring

video read aloud books about being kind

Below are some videos of read aloud books on kindness. If you're looking for a list of books and more activities about kindness, check out this post!

  • Kindness Makes Me Stronger Read Aloud ~ Reading Pioneers Academy Kindness Makes Me Stronger by Elizabeth Cole is read aloud in this book by Reading Pioneers Academy. In this story, Nick visits his Grandparents farm and learns about respecting others, including the elderly, sharing, helping, being grateful, not interrupting, or littering etc. This book talks about kindness as a choice and it defines kindness as giving but expecting nothing in return.

  • Kindness is My Superpower Read Aloud by Reading Pioneers Academy This video is a read aloud of the adorable book Kindness is My Superpower by Alicia Ortego. In this story Lucas made a mistake by acting rude and teasing a friend about their glasses. He then learns what kindness means and how to have empathy and understanding for others. This is a great book about accepting other’s differences

favorite songs about kindness

Songs About Being Kind, Caring, and Spreading Good

songs to teach about kindness caring and inclusion

Kindness Dance by KindnessSG even includes a kindness dance

Kindness Videos for Older Kids, Teens, and Adolescents

kindness videos for tweens teens and middle schoolers
  • How You Treat People Is Who You Are! (Kindness Motivational Video) by Fearless Soul “Imagine what 7 billion humans could accomplish if we loved and respected one another” is one of the quotes from this inspirational video. This motivational and inspirational video about lifting others up and setting an example of kindness, integrity, and compassion would be excellent for older kids and adolescents in middle or high school.

  • The Power of Kindness | Simon Sinek In this short video Simon Sinek discusses oxytocin, acts of kindness, and how it makes us feel good to do nice things for other people, and how even witnessing acts of kindness between people releases oxytocin in us.

  • The Importance of Kindness by Above Average is an inspirational and animated adaptation of a commencement speech given by George Saunders at Syracuse University in May 2013 about how kindness can be hard and regretting failures of kindness in life.

  • The Selfish Benefits of Kindness by BrainCraft is an explanatory video about the benefits of being kind to others. The narrator, Vanessa, goes over how kindness works in the human body and presents scientific evidence. The video teaches us that kindness has positive benefits like higher-quality relationships, decrease pain, and have more friends.

Activities to teach children kindness, compassion, empathy, and inclusion

kind choice or unkind choice sorting game

Do your students or kids need some help with being caring and showing kindness to each other? Do you want to address positive social skills and character traits and work on empathy, inclusion, and making nice choices? This fun activity and board game set will help you work on these positive pro-social skills!

Students will learn what kind and caring choices are and what unkind choices are by playing this fun learning game!

Kindness and Caring Social Skills Treasury Set 1 Includes:

game to teach kids to be kind

✔ Game Board with spinner, pawns, and dice

✔ 64 Scenario Cards with a Digital and Printable Version

✔ Kind Choices and Unkind Choices Sorting Mats

✔ "I Can" Learning Statements Poster

✔ Playing a Game Visual Poster

✔ Dice with Reflection Questions

✔ S.M.A.R.T. IEP and Treatment Plan Objectives for Easy Goal Writing!

✔ Data Collection Sheet

✔ Editable Letter to Families About the Topic

✔ Kindness Bingo and More Suggested Companion Resources

✔ Ideas to Extend and Practice the Concept

✔ Resources Come in Both Color and Black and White

Learn more about Set 1 here.

caught being kind notes home

Kindness and Caring Social Skills Treasury Set 2 Includes:

kindness board game digital and print for kids

✔ 8 Page Social Story Booklet in Digital and Printable Formats

✔ 24 Game Cards for Discussion and Reflection

✔ Board Game with Spinners, Pawns, and Dice (Digital and Print)

✔ 25 Coloring Pages and Worksheets

✔ Game Board with spinner, pawns, and dice

✔ "I Can" Learning Statements Poster

✔ Playing a Game Visual Poster

✔ S.M.A.R.T. IEP and Treatment Plan Objectives for Easy Goal Writing!

✔ Data Collection Sheet

✔ Editable Letter to Families About the Topic

✔ Caught Being Kind Notes Home

✔ Suggested Companion Resources

✔ Ideas to Extend and Practice the Concept

✔ Resources Come in Both Color and Black and White

Learn more about Set 2 here.

kindness worksheet

Kindness and Caring Social Skills Treasury Set 3 Includes:

Kindness flipbook

✔ Kindness Story with Reflection Questions

✔ Writing Response

✔ Science of Kindness Worksheet and Questions

✔ Graphic Organizers

✔ Cut and Paste Worksheet

✔ Quotes for Discussion Prompts

✔ 6 Page Kindness and Caring Flipbook

✔ Was I Kind Today? Self-Reflection Worksheet

✔ "I Can" Learning Statements Poster

✔ S.M.A.R.T. IEP and Treatment Plan Objectives for Easy Goal Writing!

✔ Data Collection Sheet

✔ Editable Letter to Families About the Topic

✔ Suggested Companion Resources

✔ Ideas to Extend and Practice the Concept

✔ Resources Come in Both Color and Black and White

✔ Caught Being Kind Notes for Home

Set 3 is great for older kids and upper elementary and it includes ways to combine social emotional learning into your literacy units with a reading and writing response.

Learn more about Set 3 here.

All three of these resources are part of the Social Skills Treasury which is a comprehensive and engaging series of social skills activities and resources designed to help you address lagging skills with kids in a fun way!

You can also get all three games at a discount in the Social Skills Treasury Kindness and Caring Bundle!

Free Kindness Bingo Game

Are you looking for a free bingo game to teach kids about kindness, empathy, and inclusion? Scroll up to the top of this page to subscribe to my social-emotional learning library, to gain access to this awesome FREE kindness bingo board, and other free social emotional learning printables today!

What are your favorite songs, videos, and books about teaching children to be kind? Let me know in the comments below or send me a message over on instagram!

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